... the Integrated Advice team at IPMG is ready to consult, advise and implement personalised Risk, Advisory and Wealth Management Solutions.


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Established and Purpose

IPMG was established in 2000 to provide an Independent, Consumer Oriented Brand offering high quality Risk, Advisory and Wealth Management Solutions.

IPMG are a group of like-minded, legally Independent associated member companies who have aligned their respective firms to the, IPMG best practice philosophies, house views and business process which drive through to our common clients. 

IPMG has the capacity, knowledge and expertise to offer an integrated, multidisciplinary advisory and planning service for both Individual and small business clients throughout South Africa, including the servicing of South African portfolios for clients living abroad.

Professional Advisers and Consultants

IPMG employ and retain the services of professional and consultants as well as experts in their respective fields.

Product and Service Providers

IPMG makes use of best of breed service providers to satisfy our specific requirements.

Client Service

The IPMG Client Services Departments are at the heart of our business, which employs resources to drive Service Delivery across all business units from centralised points. Our highly motivated Client Service Teams ensure attention to detail and actively manage all work in progress across our highly collaborative work-flow system which enables the business to deliver real time feedback to clients on all work in progress across the business units.

We operate out of IPMG Western Cape.

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National Contact Details:

  +27 86 123 IPMG (4764)

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